Package org.resoa.stack.protocol.service.impl

Class Summary
AESKeyClient This protocol service process AES keys sent by clients during handshake (serverside only)
AESKeyServer This protocol service does: serverside: generate AES key and send to client (RSA crypted), clientside: decrypt AES key and store for traffic encryption.
ConnectionRequest Service for requesting a connection to remote
DisconnectIndication Indicating a disconnect request to remote.
MonitorStatus Indicates the StackStatus (for monitoring purpose)
MonitorStatusRequest Requests a MonitorStatus from remote (not implemented)
Ping Service for checking the alive state of a socket.
ProfileHandler Protocol service implements configuration profile exchange feature.
ProfileHandlerClient Extends abstract ProfileHandler to implement clientside logic
ProfileHandlerServer Extends abstract ProfileHandler to implement clientside logic
ProfileUpdate Profile updates are used i.e. for promoting other channel subscriptions during runtime
StackConfigInfo Protocol service sets packet fragmentation size

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